Video: 2 Weeks in Croatia

croatia-sail-islandsWinter has arrived in Shanghai, and even while I’m typing this (indoors), I’m wearing a scarf and fuzzy slippers. So naturally, I’m thinking of warmer places and warmer times, like this summer. For six weeks, Luke and I traveled around Croatia, Italy and Slovenia, eating pizza, lots of gelato, and kicking back in the beautiful nature that surrounded us.

We started our adventure in Croatia, deciding to cruise around the islands with Sail Croatia. I was actually hesitant to do something like this, as I hate organized group tours. Also, I had read reviews online about 30 and 40-somethings having to deal with all night parties and waking up to piles of puke outside their cabin doors.

Luckily, this was not our experience. We chose the company’s 7-day Explorer Cruise, geared towards “young professionals,” and found ourselves on a well-maintained yacht, full of people our age, looking to explore the islands and have a bit of fun in the evenings. We cruised from Split to Dubrovnik for one week, and took some time to bus around the countryside, stopping in Zagreb and Plitvice Lakes. 

Croatia was amazing, but instead of going into all the details, I’m posting a video for the first time. Luke put it together with some of the footage captured by the GoPro, and learned a lot in the process. Stay tuned for a video from Italy and one I’m putting together about our time in Shanghai! (Note: VPN required to watch in China.)

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